New Calgel Matte Top Gel & Non-Wipe Top Gel available now

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8th February 2017
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14th September 2018


Calgel Matte Top Gel, Non-wipe Top gel

Calgel Matte & Non-wipe Top gel

Cal-Mo is proud to announce that we have added 2 new Calgel Top Gel products to our range. Not only do we have the CGTGs Calgel Top Gel 3.5g but we have also recently launched the CGMTGs Calgel Matte top gel 3.5g & CGNWTGs Calgel Non-Wipe top gel 3.5g.

Calgel Matte top gel can be applied over any Calgel colour gel to achieve a complete mattified look. This hard gel lasts up to 4 weeks and should be buffed before soaking off.

The Calgel Non-wipe top gel is also used as a finishing coat but does not leave any tacky residue after curing which means it does not need to be wiped after it has been cured.

Both these products cure for 90 seconds under a UV lamp. Check out photos and stories about Calgel on our Facebook page